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A visit to our school is required before admission.  At that time of your tour, you will be given a packet of information that explains all Trinity educational goals, procedures, requirements and tuition costs. To schedule a tour of our facility, please call the school office at 610-825-2707.  Trinity Nursery School is very proud of its culturally rich, diverse student population. We work very hard to make sure Trinity is a good fit for our new children and their families.  Once the enrollment packet is returned to the school, your child will be placed on a class list for the school year.


Trinity holds two Open Houses.  The first one is an informal Open House held the week before school starts.  Everyone is welcome to attend to visit the school, look at the classrooms, meet the teacher and play on the playground.  The second Open House is held in October.  This is an evening event that is reserved just for adults. 


Interim school reports are sent home in the fall so parents have an indication of how their child has adjusted to school and the curriculum.  Written report cards are given to the parents when they come into school for parent teacher conferences which are usually held at the beginning of February.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact their child’s teacher or the director any time they have questions and concerns.

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